Teamily rolls out project-management tool with emphasis on personality type

teamilyThe market for project-management tools may be pretty crowded at this point, but Amsterdam-based startup Teamily believes that there is room for still one more and has thus unveiled a platform that places greater emphasis on personality type, as opposed to other traits, to help teams reach their goals.

Where Teamily is looking to stand apart is by offering a project-management system that uses personality-profiles to lay out a road-map to the destination. That is to say that team-members begin by answering 4 questions, which the system analyzes in order to determine personality types (I was the “The Specialist” when I answered the questions, one of 16 types that they have identified). Then, while the group is in the process of completing the project, the system advises them on how to reach their goal, including indicating which team-member has a personality that makes them ideal to lead at a certain stage. For more information on the personality-types and how they set out create this platform, the startup’s CEO has laid everything out in a Medium post here. Teamify has decided to monetize the service by charging teams (up to 15 members) and corporations (up to 500 users) a fee for access to a license. However, CEO and co-founder Raimo van der Klein tells me that they are not yet revealing information regarding pricing.

As the service has only just gone live, however, it is a bit early to talk about figures regarding users. Van der Klein also declined to say much about their current funding, other than that they closed an informal round this winter. Like many startups, their goal for the immediate future is to simply pick up users and gain as much traction as possible.

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