Odately rolls out concierge service for online dating

odatelyOnline dating has opened up a world of people who are looking for a relationship, whether it is something casual or serious, but who do not have the time to join clubs or head out to bars in search of a partner. But even if you are taking the online route, it typically still requires effort to find someone suitable. For those who do not have the time for even that, British startup Odately is looking to take the work out of their hands by setting up everything for them and leaving the client to worry about the actual dating work.

Unlike many startups, which might target a broad audience, Odately is focusing on more affluent users, who could afford to pay the monthly fee of 500-1,000 pounds necessary to arrange the dates (the startup promises 2-6). The idea is that Odately manages just about everything that goes into online dating by setting up profiles, swiping through options, talking with matches, scheduling dates, and even making reservations. For their part, users are then expected to pre-approve the dates and then simply go and enjoy themselves. And, if the users do not enjoy their experience, Odately is offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

In order to get the word out, the team behind Odately has employed some “guerrilla marketing”, creating ads for Tinder users, a tactic that they acknowledge is a bit controversial. Regarding user figures, they are not revealing totals at this point, but will say that they are offering a free invite to the service to the first 500 people who sign-up and that they expect to hit that figure within the next couple of weeks.

Odately tells me that the founding team has financed the project themselves and that they are not actually seeking external investment. Going forward, the startup would reveal that they simply plan to build out their team, as well as possibly hire freelancers.

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