Truelinked aims to help classical artists find work by removing agents from the picture

truelinkedWhen you think of online job boards, a service for classical-music artists is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But that is exactly what the team behind Danish startup Truelinked, a group that includes an experienced opera singer, has created.

While artists have traditionally turned to agents in order to promote themselves, Truelinked offers a platform through which they can put their own name out there by uploading audio and video files of their performances. A typical profile, found here, includes a biography of the artist, a discography, a list of performances, some photos, the files, and, of course, a button to allow companies to inquire about the user. But, this is on the internet, and sometimes you may reluctant to share certain information, so Truelinked offers privacy settings that allow users to determine who can see what (your biography, photos, videos, etc.). In addition to providing artists a platform through which they can promote themselves, Truelinked provides free access to “innovative career tools”, as well as access to negotiation and travel help.

On the other side, a look at the search-engine for employers reveals that it is possible to filter through artists by distance from your location, repertoire, occupation, type (from “emerging artist” to “international star”), or by role. Having pulled up the list of possible candidates, employers can then click to “add to production”, “add to audition”, or “save for later”.

The advantage of using this platform, as opposed to paying for representation, is that it is free, with Truelinked getting paid (6%) when the artists find work and the partner getting a 3% finders fee.

In terms of funding, Truelinked recently picked up 16 million Danish krones (roughly $2.38 million) from The Danish Growth Fund and “a range of angels”, money that they intend to use to continue to build the product and to increase marketing efforts.

At the moment, Truelinked claims more than 1,400 users.

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