Farmdrop cuts out the middleman with an online farmers market

farmdropFor most people, buying fresh fruit and vegetables requires nothing more than a trip down to the local supermarket. But for those who may want to return to the days of buying food directly from the farmer, Farmdrop is an option.

The idea behind Farmdrop is to offer a sort of online farmers market. allowing users to select from a menu of choices. Once the order is placed, the producers get to work putting the package together, and then it is delivered, for free. Although the free part is nice, it must be noted that they take 3 days to deliver each package. And, you are out of luck if you are located outside central London, as that is the only area that the startup currently serves.

In order to get a feel for the service, I clicked through to their menu and found that you can purchase bundles or individual items in categories such as “fish”, “fruit & veg”, “meat”, “dairy & eggs”, “bakery”, “larder”, “fridge”, and “drinks”. And within the individual categories, I found that you can filter items down by producer, type, or a particular property (vegan, organic, vegetarian, etc.). Bundles are more rigid in what they include, but, you can still alter the amount that you will receive of certain items. You will likely not break the bank with most of the products available, as bread, vegetables, and dairy items can be had for no more than a couple of pounds.

Farmdrop, which reports that their customer-base has grown by 230% since they launched in 2014, says that they initially picked up 750K pounds through crowdfunding investment platform Crowdcube. Just recently, they added to that with 3 million pounds from a group that includes Atomico, JamJar Investments, and angels. The startup was vague regarding their plans when announcing the investment, indicating only that they plan to use the money to build up their product and spread the word about the company.

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