Ohlala goes live in NYC with paid dating service

ohlalaWhether you like it or not, when it comes to dating, you are going to pay at some point. German startup Ohlala, which recently launched in New York City, is upfront about the money aspect and has rolled out a dating service that allows users to post requests that disappear soon afterwards, in the aim of getting people to quickly hook up.

In the case of Ohlala, the platform enables male users to post requests, including the date and budget. The request is then posted for 21 minutes, allowing female users to choose to accept the request. If they choose to accept, a private chat is opened up and they can then proceed to nail down the details of the date.

Security is something that you always want to consider when meeting with a stranger, which is why Ohlala reports that they require users to complete a verification process before they get out there and begin meeting people. And, to provide a bit of extra comfort to female users, their profiles remain hidden until they decide to accept date the date request. To that end, this means that the platform differs from other dating sites, in that there is no browsing.

The service is free to use, with startup telling me that they have not yet monetized it in NYC, but are “starting the payment process in Germany next month and will take it from there”.

Ohlala went live in August 2015 and reports that they have, thus far, arranged more than 25,000 paid dates in a group of cities that includes Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich, with Stuttgart, Cologne, and Dusseldorf now joining that list.

In addition to launching in NYC, the startup recently announced that they have completed a seed round worth $1.7 million from a trio of angels. Going forward, the startup says that they are planning to roll out various features, with a particular emphasis on user security.

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