Memeni unveils platform that allows brands to create their own social-networks

memeniSocial-media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others have made it incredibly easy for customers and brands to interact, either by offering promotions, addressing complaints, or various other interactions. But for businesses that may be looking for a more personalized option, Israeli-American startup Memeni believes that they have a solution.

The idea behind this service is to provide brands, and the startup says that they have more than 100 users, including major brands, sports teams, small businesses, and even cities, with the ability to create their own community and draw people in with the ability to interact with others in similar situations (as an example, they indicate that mothers in a community for a baby-food can share child-rearing tips). The platform, which integrates with other social-networks, offers the ability to interact with customers through direct-messages, post job-listings, create polls, organize events, and, of course, offer discounts.

Memeni has opted for a subscription-based monetization strategy, offering a trio of packages (as well as the “custom” option) that range in price from $59-495 per month. The differences in the plans lie in the size of the client (how many users you expect your social-network to have), phone, assistance from an “implementation specialist”, the ability to customize your domain and app, and monetization options.

Some startups produce a product or service shortly after the company is founded, while others can take quite some time to get things the way that they want them. In the case of Memeni, the company was founded in 2012 after the co-founders experienced their own frustration in reaching customers, but only launched this month in Los Angeles. In addition their presence in the United States, Memeni has opted to maintain an office in Tel-Aviv. In terms of funding, Memeni claims $2.5 million in seed funding from a group of Israeli angels.

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