Tizr unveils platform that allows you to broadcast your activities to a private group

tizr-appWith smartphones becoming ubiquitous, it has become simple to connect with your friends and have a video chat. But broadcasting your hobbies, whether it is skateboarding, singing, mountain-biking, etc. to your buddies is not so simple. French startup Tizr is aiming to rectify this issue by provide a more personal platform, allowing users to publicly stream their activities, while also providing a channel through which they can share moments with their friends.

The idea behind Tizr is that you add contacts and then, from there, can share broadcasts (privately or publicly). If you are connected to a particular person, they are notified when you broadcast and they have the option of watching then or, if they miss it, for up to 20 minutes afterwards. In addition to merely watching the stream, users also have the option of “liking” it, commenting on it, or sharing with their friends. The number of “likes” that a video receive plays a role here, as each one extends the 20-minute countdown by an additional 10 seconds. Once that time is up, however, the startup says that the videos are completely erased, even from their servers.

Tizr had been in private beta, but CEO and co-founder Jean-Michel Reynoird tells me that they have picked up “several thousand users” since launching a couple of weeks ago. They have not yet unveiled their app for Android (expected in March), so the size of the userbase may grow still further. When it comes to marketing an app, adoption by a celebrity or major brand often helps and, in this case, Tizr is already used by EDM label Spinnin’ Records, DJ/producer David Guetta, and DJ Ricky Romero.

The founders of Tizr were able to self-fund the first version of the app, but have since picked up 500K Euro from Spinnin’ Records, at a pre-money valuation of 10 million Euro. 

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