Legaliboo simplifies the process of obtaining legal contracts

legalibooInvolving lawyers in your affairs may sometimes be irritating, but it is a fact of life that we need contracts for one reason or another. Spanish startup Legaliboo, which launched last September, believes, however, that people should not need to necessarily go through the hassle of seeking out a lawyer if you need a particular document and has set up a platform to streamline the process.

The idea behind Legaliboo is that lawyers have drawn up contracts for various purposes, so those in need of legal assistance can fill out a few questions online and have the document created for them. Consulting with a lawyer is typically the best way to determine the types of documents required for a particular situation, but Legaliboo has made it so that users can click on a particular contract and receive that sort of information. The documents offered are listed on their website, with prices indicated. Clicking on a particular document reveals who (what bodies) would consider it valid, its purpose, and how the user is protected by it. The startup’s website is currently only in Spanish, but they provide users access to documents in both Spanish and English. More recently, the startup has also rolled out Legaliboo PRO, a white-label that they license to other companies.

In terms of monetization, Legaliboo charges on a per-document basis, while taking a monthly fee, as well as a fixed price on each contract, from PRO users.

Legaliboo has opted to keep their user-totals private, telling me only that it is a “modest figure” and that they have a greater number of corporate (B2B) clients.

They are more willing to share information about their investors, revealing that they have picked up a total of 150,000 Euro from 2UP Seed Capital, led by Bruno Durieux and ENISA, with funding provided by the Spanish government. With this backing, the startup first aims to establish themselves in Europe, and to possibly then make their way to South America, which they consider to a be a market with considerable potential.

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