Disclose.to looks to streamline communications between startups and journalists

disclose_to_appAs a journalist, receiving load of pitches can make the job easier. But attempting to manage messages when you are at a different stage of getting the information you need, can get a bit irritating, which is why French startup Disclose, targeting journalists, PR people, and founders, has launched with the goal of simplifying the process of startups getting out the message about their products and ideas.

Signing up, I found that the platform is pretty plain at the moment. Once you have signed-up, journalists are presented with a screen that offers an inbox of archived, unread, and active pitches, as well as buttons that enable you to post your personalized URL to Twitter or Facebook or to include it in emails. For PR professionals, the platform also offers the ability to send out automatic responses, to access data on how well your pitches do, and a template, to standardize the pitching process. Finally, Disclose is offering founders a platform that enables them to build a network of journalists, through which they can ostensibly get out the message that they want promoted. If there is one current downside to the service, however, it is that it is currently web-only.

In terms of customization within the platform, I found that users can indicate whether they are a person, a company, an event, an investment firm, or a product. They can also indicate whether or not they would like to receive pitches and whether or not those pitching must follow them on Twitter (and whether or not those you have blocked on Twitter can pitch). You further have the option of setting an “ignore duration”, as well as indicate how frequently you would like to receive email notifications regarding chat messages, pitches, and pitch-refusals.

While monetization is key for many startups, co-founder Liam Boogar, who also founded the Rude Baguette (a site focused on the latest in French tech), says that they are not focused on that the moment. Boogar also declined to reveal how many users or how much funding the startup has, but the platform has not been live long, only having launched about a month ago.

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