Tagmmer launches with goal of providing visual spot for your files and web links

tagmmerFrench startup Tagmmer, based in New York and Paris, has just launched with the aim of providing “a visual place for your files and web links”. Essentially, Tagmmer is aiming to be a one-stop location for sharing or discovering whatever files and links you have saved on your computer, whether they are bookmarks in your browser, Excel or Word files, PDFs, music, powerpoints, or videos. There is no need to reveal everything, either, as the platform offers the option of making uploads as public or private as you would like.

One of the nice aspects about Tagmmer is that, upon reaching their site, users have the option of immediately clicking through to the platform and taking a peek around in order to see if they like it. There, I found two categories (“Boards” and “Content”), which can be filtered by date or type of profile and re-ordered by date (most recent) and title. The default view is listed as “All Content”, but there is also a search bar, as well as a directory of categories. Clicking through to a particular item reveals how many people (and who) have visited, shared, added, or “liked” the item. And then, within a particular board, items can be filtered down by type (Excel document, PDF, weblink, photo, video, etc.). If you find a particular board that you find interesting, it is also possible to go ahead and follow it.

For the time being, the startup is offering 30GB of storage for free. However, they have already begun to think about monetization and intend to roll out paid plans in April, ranging in price from $4.99 to $19.99. And then, in September, they plan to allow users to sell content, whether it is an e-book, a scientific publication, a video, a market study, or educational materials, with Tagmmer taking a small commission on each transaction that they process.

Tagmmer has been able to self-fund for the time being, as two of the co-founders previously joined to create a different project, which they sold a couple of years ago. Tagmmer has declined to reveal how many users they have at this point, in order to avoid interfering with investment negotiations. However, the company would say that, until this launch, they have been testing the platform with various types of users (teachers, e-learners, freelancers, and “experts”) in the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, and France.

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