hopes people will be willing to hand over personal information in exchange for rewards

people-ioIn an era in which many people react negatively to the idea that they must sacrifice their data (and their privacy, as a result) in order to use various services or purchase products, it is striking to encounter a startup that encourages users to willingly give up information about themselves, in exchange for rewards. Whether it is through “ad-blockers” on your browser or various Do Not Track settings, many people are increasingly taking steps to avoid feeding their private details into some database whenever they browse the web. But London-based, which launched this week, believes that they have what represents something of a compromise in a platform that allows users to choose what, and to whom, they share.

The platform that has developed works by allowing users to complete various tasks, whether it involves taking a survey, watching a video, or whatever, in exchange for credits, which can then be exchanged for access to new products or services, exclusive offers, or even a donation to charity.’s sister company, C8 Management, acts as an intermediary, managing brand campaigns and safeguarding the privacy of’s users. is careful to note that they do not share their users’ data with 3rd-parties and allow users to delete any data that they do decide to offer.

As might be expected for a service that connects consumers and businesses, has opted for a commission-based monetization strategy, taking a small cut of whatever the end-user earns through the platform. has declined to reveal how many users or what sort of funding they have, but the startup did tell me that they plan to expand across the United Kingdom over the next 3 months and then to at least 1 other European country by the end of the year.

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