Qurami wants to help you skip the queue

qurami_appIt is difficult to imagine going through life completely avoiding queues, but Italian startup Qurami provides a platform that will at least offer you a heads-up on when you will have to wait, whether it is at the local coffee, a bank, museum, or wherever.

Qurami works by allowing users to open up the app, select a destination, and find out how many people are already standing in the queue. The service also allows users to obtain an electronic ticket, so that they can jump straight to the front after they have arrived. And then, having obtained a ticket, the platform provides updates on how long they will have to wait, as well as notify them when their turn is approaching.

The startup’s apps, which can be downloaded for free, have been well-received on iOS (3.5 stars from 112 users) and Android (3.9 (out of 5) stars from 1,077 users). In order to monetize the service, Qurami has opted to charge businesses an annual fee, depending on how many spots for which they use the platform.

Going forward, the startup is planning to push Qurami Agenda, a service that allows businesses to manage reservations, as opposed to queues. The company informs me that that service is currently in beta and that they are planning to formally unveil it in mid-2016.

The idea for Qurami first emerged in 2010, but the service did not go live until Autumn 2012. It has proven popular among the public, achieving more than 300,000 downloads and facilitating the purchase of more than 150,000 tickets. At the moment, the startup says that they are partnering with more than 150 spots (which they call Qurami Points) around Italy, the United Kingdom, and Latin America.

In terms of funding, Qurami closed a seed round in November 2014 that delivered them 590,000 Euro, including 150,000 from Unicredit Bank. They also claim an undisclosed amount of backing from LVenture Group and a group of angels.

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