Visme helps those with no graphic-design experience to create quality slideshows and infographics

vismeOver the years, countless people in the workplace or at school have created slideshows to spice up their presentations, but many out there are likely not exactly experts in graphic design. For those who may need assistance in this department, Maryland-based startup Visme has come to the rescue with a platform that allows users to create snazzy infographics and presentations.

In order to get a feel for the free service, I signed-up through Facebook and what I found was a fairly intuitive platform that offers a terrific range of customization options, allowing users to set not only their background, text, and images, but also to add videos and sounds, with the latter drawn from their free/premium library or from whatever you may have on your computer.

One aspect that sticks out about the platform is the wide range of choices, as clicking to add text, banners, and images brings up dozens and dozens of choices. When searching for an image, for example, you have the option of searching for a specific keyword or browsing thousands of pages of free images, if you do not wish to add your own.

Another aspect that I like is that the space is not one-size-fits-all, as designers have the option of altering the size of the canvas for their presentation or infographic, as necessary. Infographics come in all sorts of sizes, but it seems that presentations are typically limited to a standard space, so it is nice to have the option of changing that up.

Visme has opted for the subscription route in order to fund the business, offering a very-basic package for free, a package targeted at individuals for $7 per month, and then a business-oriented package for $16 per month. A full breakdown of the differences between the packages can be found here, but basically, users who want the bare-bones platform can access it for a few projects, while those who want analytics, to collaborate with others, to include their own branding, etc. will have to pony up some money.

Since the startup launched in mid-2013, it has picked up significant traction, with founder Payman Taei telling me that they are nearing 350,000 users. What is impressive about Visme is that they managed to fully-bootstrap the project, with Taei stating that the company became cash-positive within 10 months of unveiling premium plans in 2015. Taei declined to go into too many specifics regarding the startup’s plans, but did reveal that they recently unveiled a “major upgrade” and intend to release a number of new features over the course of this year. One such feature is team plans, which they just recently rolled out.

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