Tsjing enables you to skip the line when ordering a drink at a big event

tsjingWhen you are out at a large event, whether it is a wedding reception, a conference, or some other gathering, one of the last places that most people want to be is standing in line as you wait to order a drink. Belgian startup Tsjing, which caters to businesses, is looking to streamline the process with a platform that allows attendees to skip the line and grab a drink, as well as other goodies.

Tsjing has rolled out apps for Android and iOS, which allow users to sign-in (through Facebook, Twitter, or Google+), set their location, and to then begin ordering from a menu. It is not merely a portal for ordering alcohol or soft drinks, however, as users have access to free gifts, discounts, and other promotions. With the iOS app, it is even possible to place orders to multiple bars.

The platform is not only geared towards end-users, but also provides data on the types of drinks and products being ordered, ostensibly allowing brands to run marketing campaigns. To that end, the startup tells me that they have monetized the platform by offering real-time intelligence, as well as direct-marketing opportunities.

At the moment, Tsjing caters to major event organizers, so the company tells me that they are not yet dealing with recurring users. But, they did tell me that they have reached 15,000 users through said events. They launched the platform for event organizers in March 2015, but state that their hard launch, targeted at hospitality outlets, in planned for June 2016.

Thus far, the startup is backed by 100,000 Euro from the founders, as well as 100,000 Euro obtained through crowdfunding and 160,000 Euro from angels (including 2 marketing gurus and 1 Big Data expert, I’m told). The startup intends to first establish a presence in their home Belgian market, and to then expand abroad.

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