Deliverd unveils fresh take on the food-delivery concept

deliverdAt first glance, British startup Deliverd is just another food-delivery startup. But, they are taking an interesting approach in terms of business-model and geographic focus, which will be worth keeping an eye on.

Unlike other food-delivery startups, which may provide the option of having your favorite meal delivered from your favorite restaurant, Deliverd has taken the approach of partnering with local chefs and establishing a menu, changed every Friday, that offers 1 option, which changes daily, for a flat rate of 4 pounds (as well as free shipping). Clicking on said menu provides a photo of the dish, a list of ingredients, nutritional information, and a list of potential allergens.

In order to try and stand apart from competitors, the startup has opted to serve dishes cold, allowing customers to heat them up at their convenience. They are also attempting to gain an edge by offering the meals at a low enough price-point that even people with modest means can afford to eat healthy. As opposed to other food/tech companies that focus on affluence and population-density in order to plan for expansion, Deliverd is hoping that a lower price-point will enable them to better achieve country-wide adoption.

The startup has been testing their service since July, but only officially launches this month. One of the unique aspects of this startup is that, unlike many British startups that are based in and serve the London market, they are located in Sheffield, in the middle of England. The startup tells me that, going forward, they are targeting expansion in major cities in the northern part of the country. Deliverd tells me that they have served over 1,000 customers to this point and are aiming to have people use the service as a weekly habit, rather than trying to lure people in with a one-off promotion.

Despite their northern focus, Deliverd claims seed funding, to the tune of 200,000 pounds, from a pair of London-based angels.

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