UsabilitySquare provides platform for developers to obtain UX feedback from users

UsabilitySquareYou may create what you consider to be an ideal UX for your website, but it usually does not hurt to seek out feedback from the general public, as they are the ones who can provide a critical eye and the blunt truth on what they would like to see. Serbian service UsabilitySquare has created a platform for just that sort of interaction, offering users a chance to provide developers with insights on how the site can best be designed.

The idea behind UsabilitySquare is that, having built their websites, developers want to know what seems to be the most intuitive to the general public. In order to obtain this feedback, developers are invited to “create an experiment” by posing a question (for example, “Where would you click if you wanted to select shoe size?”) and an image of the screen in question. From there, users are able to use an icon (in the form of a thumbprint) to click on their preferred spot. The clicks collectively form a heatmap, which is instantly accessible to the developer.

The company currently claims about 1,000 registered users, with another undisclosed amount also using the site. Interestingly, though based in Serbia, the startup that developed the platform has opted to launch versions of the site in English and Danish, but not in Serbian. A representative of SpiceFactory, which developed UsabilitySquare, tells me that the platform is currently completely free. They have not taken in external investment, either, preferring to bootstrap their own projects.

Plans for UsabilitySquare are a bit vague at the moment, with the startup merely telling me that they are hoping to connect with users and add new features. In February, the startup plans to launch Koncept, which follows in the same vein as UsabilitySquare by allowing users to interact with developers by using “thumbprints” to indicate where they click. And, on their side, developers can opt for an analytics-rich dashboard. Unlike the free UsabilitySquare, however, that service will set users back $30-280 per user per month, depending on who is using it and features they require.

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