Bucmi provides marketplace for booking an appointment at a beauty salon or wellness center

BucmiIt has reached the point that searching for a particular business, regardless of what it is, is little more than a matter of doing a quick Google search. But if you are in Spain or Portugal and are need of a beauty salon or some sort of wellness center, your best bet may be to hop onto Bucmi, which launched in 2012.

I wanted to get a feel for the site, which is entirely in Spanish and Portuguese, so I did a sample search for a massage-therapist in Barcelona, and found that you are provided listings that can be sorted by price, proximity, highest-discounted (price), and most-recommended. In this case, you can also filter listings down by area, type of treatment/service, maximum price, and date (for appointments. The options are today, tomorrow, or any day). Discounts are displayed on the listings page, but clicking on a profile provides the full menu, which includes the discounts, a description of the treatment, and length (of time, for messages). And if you see something that interests you, it is possible to click through to book an appointment.

Like many other marketplaces, Bucmi has opted for a commission-based business model. In this case, they take a small cut on each transaction that they process, but allows businesses to list themselves for free.

As indicated, the startup currently serves Spain and Portugal, but it appears that their next move is into Mexico. They already have a Mexico-focused site, but it remains a placeholder.

Bucmi has followed a familiar startup path, getting its start after the founder experienced frustration scheduling a session with a physiotherapist online in his own country and decided that others must be going through similar problems. Bucmi has attained a healthy amount of traction since it launched, now reporting more than 200,000 visitors per month. Like many other startups, they have turned towards external investment in order to get the business off the ground. In this case, they have picked up funding from the WAYRA incubator, Onza Venture Capital, PRISA Noticias (part of Prisa Group), as well as undisclosed private investors. The company declined to reveal how much total funding they have, but would say that their latest round brought in $2 million.

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