Adictik aspire’s to be world’s largest executive-free advertising agency

adictikMuch as we might wish for the fame and fortune that modeling for internationally-known brands can offer, most of us are not exactly cut out for that role. But for those who still want to at pretend to be a world-famous model online, Spanish startup Adictik, which launched 6 months ago, is offering a path into that glamorous world.

The idea behind Adictik, which currently claims more than 1,100 brands as partners, is that you can liven up the photos that you would ordinarily take by adding a brand icon and, thus, starring in your own advertisement. Or, if you simply want to take a look around, there is the option of searching through brands and users, as well as checking out the “rankings”. With regards to the ranking of users, Adictik enables users to rack up points (or “shakas”), based on how many like the ad that they create.

Adictik’s app is currently only available for iOS, where it has proven to be popular, achieving a rating of 4.5 (out of 5) stars from 70 reviewers. All told, the app has been downloaded more than 15,000 times. The app is available for free, as the startup has opted for a monetization strategy involving offering brands freemium features, such as a dashboard, which enables them to run analytics on how users are interacting with their brand.

Adictik reports that their users have, since the service launched, created more than 14,000 personalized ads, using logos from brands like Apple, Zara, Coca Cola, Nescafe, Ralph Lauren, and more. In terms of funding, Adictik is currently working with IDODI VC to complete a deal, a move that will enable the startup to move to Dublin, as well as to break into the American market. Ultimately, the startup tells me that they aim to be the world’s largest executive-free advertising agency.

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