Winnow, developer of software designed to cut down on food waste, takes in $3.3 million in Series A

winnowWinnow, a London-based startup looking to help chefs to dramatically cut down on the amount of food that they end up tossing in the garbage, has announced that they have picked up $3.3 million from current investors in a Series A round, which they plan to put towards expansion, beefing up their domestic presence, and continuing to develop their core service. Winnow has already begun to think globally, reporting that they recently opened an office in Singapore, which is intended to serve as a base of operations for the Asia-Pacific region.

The startup, which launched in 2013, reports that they have helped more than 200 kitchens to cut down on waste, leading to 2 million pounds in savings, saving roughly 1.1 million meals, and preventing 2,700 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted. With this latest announcement, Winnow reports that they estimate that companies using the platform are saving as much as 30-60% in food costs. We profiled this startup last May, but essentially, the concept is to provide businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, software that enables them to make a note of what and how much of food that they are chucking in the trash, thereby providing insight into their waste over time.

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