8Vance analyzes your biography and skills in order to hook you up with the ideal job

8vanceEven in a sea of vacancies, finding the ideal position can sometimes be a challenge. Dutch startup 8Vance believes that they have come up with just the formula that will connect people to just the right job.

8Vance stresses that it is not just another job board, but aims to act as a “personal talent agent” by connecting job-seekers with positions with the help of “Talent DNA”, which their software draws from social-networking profiles, like LinkedIn or Facebook. The sections (“Can”, “Done”, “Desire”, and “Me”) are combined to create a profile. From there, the startup’s “best-matching” software, which includes an algorithm, as well as input from HR personnel, connects the job-seeker’s profile to positions, offering a percentage to indicate the quality of the match. Even if you never find a position through the platform, one of the highlights of this service is that users, upon creating a profile, receive “expert feedback” on the biographical information that they provide.

The startup has broaden plans, however, and ultimately offer users a “personal job market”, providing a non-geographical map that includes a range of jobs (from most to least-relevant) and indicates the intensity of competition for that particular position.

The platform is free for the time being, but the startup tells me that they are planning to monetize it by charging companies a 500 Euro fee to license it.

8Vance has already pulled in just over $2 million from a group of investors that includes the startup’s founders, Rabobank, and LBDF, funding that it intends to use to roll out the program. The startup is focused on getting set-up in their native Netherlands for the moment, but eventually intend to enter the German and British markets.

8Vance launched in beta in November, so it is a bit early to talk about traction, but the startup says that they are currently testing the system with 20 major, international companies.

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