Upshot allows you to share photos from that party privately and instantaneously with your friends

upshot_appThe idea behind the London-based startup Upshot is that, having downloaded the app and turned on “autoshare”, users can create events and automatically share any photos to a private album, which provides access to each friend included in the event, whether or not those friends use Upshot. The album, which includes photos that are taken with the normal camera or saved from Snapchat, automatically self-destructs with 7 days of creation, but the photos also be posted to Facebook.

When reading about how the service works, I wondered what would happen if the “wrong” photo were uploaded and shared with the group and they acknowledge that it is possible, but state that they send reminders every 3 minutes that “autoshare” is on, in order to help the user to avoid any embarrassment. And if users upload a screenshot of a Snapchat message or sends a photo through Whatsapp, the service automatically blocks the photos from being uploaded.

Their app is currently iOS-exclusive, but a version for Android is reportedly on the way. The service is free to use, as the startup plans to generate revenue by offering paid content, such as emojis, stickers, and filters, as well the option of buying printed products. They say that they are also interested in brand partnerships and advertising, but only once they have scaled.

Upshot has only just launched, so they are understandably reluctant to reveal user-numbers. Funding for the startup that developed the app, which was founded in 2013 and also created Togethera, an app for sharing photos with family members, comes from “a group of top-tier angels and VC funds, as well as through a crowdfunding-investment campaign that delivered them more than 208,000 pounds.

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