Holidu helps people find the perfect vacation-rental by comparing offers between booking sites

holiduGerman startup Holidu lets people sift through vacation-rentals from various booking platforms in order to score the best deal possible.  To get a feel for the service, I did a sample search (Florence, Italy, in this case) and found that searching by region brings up a map that includes a number of circles, each containing a number that indicates how many properties can be found in that area. And then zooming in further allows you to search by location.

In addition to using the map, the platform allows renters to whittle listings down by user-rating, price, top regions, amenities, type of accommodation, and number of bed and bathrooms. One thing I like about their location filters is that you have the option of singling out listings that are within a certain distance of the city center, a lake, or any water, if that is what you desire.

The profiles themselves are basically what you would expect to find on a booking site, offering a general description, photos, and a list of amenities. What I like here is that they allow users to check out a “street-level” view of the location through Google Maps, so you can see what sort of place you are considering. As Holidu is a meta platform, each profile includes daily and weekly prices for the various companies that are hoping to rent out the property (although there is sometimes just one). Clicking to view a particular deal then redirects the user to the site of the service looking to rent the property out. In order to generate revenue, Holidu tells me that they take commissions from partners for leads and bookings.

The Munich-based startup, which launched in July 2014, declined to reveal how many people use the service, but does acknowledge that their financial backing, which now totals about $6.29 million, comes from a group of investors that includes EQT Ventures, Senovo, Venture Stars, and an angel. Boosted by this influx of funding, the company intends to simply continue to improve their technology, as well as increase the number of rentals offered.

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