Sure app helps the eco-conscious among us to find ‘sustainable’ restaurants and businesses

sureAppFinding a particular restaurant or store nearby has become incredibly simply, as you basically need to do nothing more than carry out a quick search through Google or another search-engine and you are on your way. But this can be a trickier task for those who want to live a “sustainable” lifestyle. That is when Danish startup Sure enters the picture.

Launched after the founding team, who hail from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Slovakia, experienced frustration in their own search for “sustainable” businesses, Sure is designed to act as a sort of a personal assistant, providing listings when the user tries to find a good cup of coffee or somewhere to grab a bite to eat. In order to use the service, you begin by submitting a text, with a request, to a particular number. But instead of bringing up the expected Google listings, users will receive 1-3 recommendations from a crowdsourced database of restaurants, cafes, and other verticals. Eventually, they also intend to connect users with listings drawn from Airbnb, Uber, Stripe, and other services.

Sure has not yet launched, so it is a bit premature to talk about revenue, but one of the co-founders tells me that they intend to monetize the service through affiliate fees from reservations and bookings, as well as offering businesses the opportunity to pay for sponsored recommendations.

Although the founders of Sure are Danish, they opted to launch the service in beta exclusively in Dublin during WebSummit 2015 and currently claim 100 early-adopters, who are helping to work out the kinks in the platform. But, they have not forgotten about their home market and tell me that they intend to move into cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam in the near future. At the moment, they are working on version 2.0, which integrates with Facebook Messenger and increasingly incorporates AI, allowing the service to begin learning which recommendations make a good answer. The bootstrapped startup is currently targeting March for the formal launch of the platform.

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