‘Cook with a Local’ connects people who are looking for great conversation and a homemade meal

cookwithalocalAs easy as it may be to head out to a fast-food restaurant, or even some place more formal, for a bite to eat, there is something special about a home-cooked meal, even if it means that you will be dining with strangers. We have seen a couple of startups in this sector, namely French VizEat and Norwegian Eat in Common, but now we would like to introduce to Danish contender Cook with a Local, which recently threw its hat into the ring.

In order to get a feel for the service, I did a search for “Copenhagen” and found that you can arrange listing by price (low-to-high or vice versa) and filter it down by price-range, dietary-restrictions, allergy-restrictions, type of cuisine, language that the host speaks, meal-type, and other conditions (pertaining to the building-type, smoking, etc.). I actually searched for Copenhagen in each of the 3 platforms and found that there are currently no meals available for Eat in Common, but 4 each for VizEat and Cook with a Local. The search-engines for the latter 2 services are roughly the same, but what I like about Cook with a Local’s is that they offer a broader range of allergy and dietary filters.

In order to complete the meal, guests are expected to pay when they go to sign-up for the event, with the money only transferred to the host 2 days after the event has concluded. Like many other marketplaces, Cook with a Local has opted to generate revenue through a small fee, which they take from hosts and guests when a meal is arranged.

Cook with a Local launched a year ago, but remains in the beta-stage, so traction is limited (around 1,200 users, to be more specific). The startup tells me that they are currently focused on Denmark, but they are thinking globally and are building a network that they hope will enable them to move into the rest of Scandinavia and the Netherlands, with East Asia, India, South America, and, possibly, Turkey to follow. The founders have thus far been able to fund the business themselves, using their own money, as well as funds from accelerators and competitions to cover the cost of operations.

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