Proversity connects corporate workers with courses that can help them to further their careers

proversityLondon-based Proversity is hardly the only player in the MOOC sector, but where the startup aims to stand out is by partnering directly with employers to create courses that are relevant to particular careers.

Taking a look at Proversity’s platform, I found that users can search through 10 different universities, such as Network Rail, Lloyds Bank, Bank of England, and others, with each profile offering a short description and links to several social-media accounts. And then there are the classes, which can be filtered down by skill-level, job type, or employer.

Each course includes information on the instructor and content to be discussed. What is notable here is that classes are not necessarily open to each user, as I found some that are invitation-only, as well as others that are geared specifically towards employees of a particular company.

One of the highlights of the Proversity platform, from the perspective of the student, is that all of the classes are free, as the startup has instead opted to monetize the service by charging clients a licensing fee, as well as a fee for each student.

In terms of traction, Proversity reports that they created 15-20 courses for 12 clients in 4 countries, helping 200,000 users, in 2014.

Although Proversity has been around since 2011, they just announced last month that they have closed a seed round valued at $1.6 million with RSBC, which they intend to put towards building out their sales, production, and technology teams, rolling out a mobile app, and to fund their global ambitions. The startup began in the United Kingdom, but has also opened offices in Boston and Santiago, Chile, with plans to come to Cape Town, South Africa in the near future. Going forward, they are aiming to boost their presence in the Middle East, Africa, and the United States.

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