Neeach connects people with niche food items and food-related tips and trends

neeachNeeach is a Norwegian marketplace and social-network which popped up last year with the purpose of catering to “foodies” and people who may wish to broaden their horizons about food.

Neeach initially launched as a platform through which people can find items like oils, spices, jams, and other products that you might not otherwise be able to locate. What I like about this section is that, in addition to allowing customers to peruse their offerings, you can also request items, if you have something else that you may be seeking. In addition to the marketplace, Neeach is attempting to create a community of people who can come and read or contribute blog posts under categories like “Events”, “Food & Travel”, “Food Trends & News”, etc. One feature that will be familiar to users of other social-networks is the ability to follow or “friend” other users, in order to create a personal feed of posts. The website is currently online-only, but they are planning to soon enter the mobile sphere with apps for Android and iOS.

The social network is free, as the startup has opted to generate revenue by taking a 3% cut from the seller when items are sold through the marketplace. I am told that they are looking into other monetization options, such as the promotion of user-initiated content or other advertising, but these have yet to be implemented.

The startup’s co-founders, David Carter Shinn and Christian Isaksen, launched the marketplace in beta back in February 2015 and then the social-network in October, both with their own money. Liz Smith, who works as Neeach’s digital content manager, also recently invested in the company, bringing total funding to around 200K Euro.

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