Esplorio prepares to roll out platform for sharing travel journals

esplorioBritish startup Esplorio is aiming to put their own spin on travel albums with a platform that allows travelers to automatically record their voyage, map out future destinations, and create a digital journey that they can then share with their friends.

Esplorio integrates with social-networks like Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, etc. to automatically check-in whenever you make a stop or to even delve into your data in order to create journals from past trips. One of the aspects of the service that Esplorio emphasizes is that the platform allows users to avoid racking up a significant phone bill by using the device’s location sensors. Another is their commitment to privacy, stating that no trip becomes public until the user opts to make it so.

To get an idea of how it works, the startup has created a trip, allowing users to scroll through a check out the tweets, Instagram shots, and other posts that they uploaded at a particular location. 

Esplorio remains free for the time being, with the startup simply saying that they are exploring various monetization options and will look to implement them once they have achieved greater traction.

Esplorio launched on December 17th and tells me that they are planning to soon unveil an app for iOS. Despite not having yet gone live, the startup currently claims 250 beta-testers, with a daily active user rate of 70%. They also report having about 2,000 users signed-up through their web app, a figure that they have achieved organically.

Roughly a year ago, the startup picked up $300,000 in seed funding from a couple of angels, the London-based Startup Founding Club (micro VC), and, interestingly, through a non-equity dilutive grant from the European Space Agency.

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