Openoox provides alternative to the bookmark bar

openooxFor years, the bookmark bar has reliably served as a tool for providing easy access to all of our favorite websites, but French startup Openoox, which launched at the beginning of 2015, believes that this fundamental aspect of the online experience is in need of a bit of an update.

Openoox operates like your bookmark by allowing users to organize their favorite pages and sites into public and private themed folders, but they want to incorporate a social element by allowing users to add others as friends or to follow various folders. Having found folders to track, Openoox then analyzes your preferences and offers up recommendations for further browsing.

I decided to test Openoox for myself and found that, once you have logged-in, you are taken to a dashboard in which you to search for new sites and content, access notifications and an inbox, or keep track of your connections. Diving further, Openoox also offers a decent amount of customization options, allowing users to change their search engine, add a background image, or even access a custom Openoox address, and more. When it comes to the sites themselves, they provide a button that can be added to the browser, as well as allow users to import their existing bookmarks from Firefox or Chrome.

Lorenzo Nuccio from Openoox tells me that they are not concerned with monetization, as they are primarily concentrating on growth at the moment, but intend to eventually generate revenue through sponsored bookmarks and premium features. Nuccio also says that they are planning to unveil an updated version of their site in the first week of January (although 50% of it has already been made public).

The startup has declined to reveal specific user figures, but Nuccio would say that their users have bookmarked more than 300,000 pages and websites and revealed that the service is most widely used in the United States, Europe, and India. Openoox announced this month that they have pulled in 1 million Euro in a seed round from co-founder Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Jaina Capital owner Marc Simoncini, and cofounder Denys Chalumeau.

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