Campus Society, still in alpha, gains sizable userbase for student-focused social network

campus-societyFacebook may have gotten its start as a social-network for university students, but the giant has long since opened its doors to essentially anyone who wants in. British startup Campus Society may be the latest in a long line of social networks, but they have decided that there is still an opportunity for a service to allow university students to connect with their classmates, but maintains that narrow focus.

Campus Society does not aim to completely replace your Facebook account, as they allow users to sign-in with it or an account on the site, but what I found was that, having get setup, users can connect with others within their university, their major, or within various groups. The platform appears to be pretty basic at the moment, as, within a group, there is simply a directory of members of the group, a live chat, and a board for posting resources (be it photos, documents, links). Profiles are also pretty basic, including only the user’s picture, university, “campus GPA”, and a list of their posts, followers, and other users that they are following. It is within the profiles that users can send private messages, as well.

Monetization is a key aspect of developing basically any startup, but CEO and co-founder Rashid Ajami tells me that they currently have no plans in this area. It is perhaps unnecessary when you consider that they have already picked up 700K pounds from “some top international businessmen”.

One of the more unique aspects about this startup is that, despite having only released an alpha version of their platform (in the U.K. in July), they have attracted more than 50,000 students (mainly organically, I’m told). The startup says that they are planning to advance to the beta stage, with apps for Android and iOS, in February 2016.

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