Molotov hopes to adapt the television-watching experience to the internet era

molotovTVThe internet may have challenged the way that consumers prefer take in their favorite shows, but the networks are not going down without a fight and French startup Molotov aims to help them in this effort.

Launching soon, this platform acts as a portal through which users can click to watch TV channels live, bookmark programs, check out the favorite programs of friends (through social networks like Facebook), and more. One of the highlights of this service is that it is multi-platform, allowing users to access content through their laptops, tablets, phones, or whatever they prefer.

Molotov has attempted to do away with the traditional TV schedule by creating an interface that displays cards (with information) for whatever happens to be broadcasting at the moment. One of the aspects of the platform that I find interesting is that they also setup a search engine, but one that allows users to not only search for a particular program, but also of people attached to it, such as directors, actors, or even historical figures. It does not have to be a specific search, either, as checking for something like “scientific documentary” brings up relevant programs, whether “catch-up”, live, or upcoming.

And when favorite programs are about to air, or have finished recording, the service sends notifications to the user. Their notifications appear to be pretty extensive, as well, as the service allows users to “follow” individuals and then be alerted when that person appears on a particular show or documentary.

Any streaming service is not worth much without content and, in this area, Molotov has announced that they have reached agreements with over 80 French and international channels, as well as LG, which will make the service available through all LG smart TVs.

Molotov has just entered beta, so they are reluctant to reveal some information about the business, such as their pricing model and plans for the future, until they formally launch next year. What we have learned, however, is that the company already has pretty some solid financial backing, with the startup’s founders and other undisclosed angels having injected 10 million Euro into the business. Further, the startup has revealed that the service is currently rolling out to the “tens of thousands” of people who have registered through their website, with the platform opening to the general public.

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