Click and Boat hooks you up with hundreds of boat listings for your next trip to the sea

cliknboatFrench startup Click and Boat, which facilitates peer-to-peer boat rentals, may not yet be a household name, but after having provided boat-owners with millions of dollars in bookings, it is quickly establishing itself as a company to watch.

In order to get a feel for the service, I did a sample search for a hypothetical destination (Marseille) and was presented with nearly 400 listings, which can be whittled down by price, capacity, sleeping capacity, number of cabins, length, and search radius. Renters can also choose between categories like “Sailing”, “Accompanied trip/Skipper”, and “Harbour Rental” in order to narrow things down further. From there, it is possible to click on profiles for boats, which brings up a host of information on the craft, available timetables, and the cancellation policy. What I like about the profiles is that they allow renters to review their experience, providing possible customers with sometimes dozens of commenters to check out before they book. Click & Boat allows boat-owners to list their vehicles for free, as the startup has opted for a commission-based revenue model, taking 13.5% on each deal that they process.

Starting in 2016, Click & Boat intends to add to the renting experience by adding a concierge service, enabling owners to hand over the keys to their craft to trusted members from the site.

The startup, which went live in 2013, tells me that that they have thus far attracted more than 30,000 members and facilitated more than 2 million Euro worth of bookings. Click & Boat recently announced that they have picked up 500,000 Euro from undisclosed investors, which it intends to put towards the startup’s plans to launch in Greece and Croatia in the near future, as well as expand to all of the “coastal countries” of Europe in 2017. They are also planning to expand their team, which currently numbers 7 employees. Click and Boat previously pulled in 200,000 Euro from unidentified angels.

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