Soundbrenner targets musicians with wearable metronome

soundbrennerGerman-founded and Hong Kong-based startup Soundbrenner is jumping into the wearables market, with musicians in mind, having creating a metronome that they can wear on their wrist or ankle.

The Soundbrenner Pulse, as it is called, is pretty simple, including only a “clockface” and band, and helps the wearer to keep time by vibrating and emitting a pulse through an LED light. The Bluetooth-compatible device, which goes for $149, offers the option of using a silent or audible click, the latter of which can be tracked by speaker or through headphones. Those who choose the silent option will not need to worry about missing the beat, as Soundbrenner has created a video to demonstrate the power of the device’s vibration. The Pulse is battery-powered, lasting up to 5 hours on a charge, but can be re-charged (taking 1 hour) through a USB port.

In addition the band, Soundbrenner has been working on companion apps for Android and iOS, which allow the user to control the beat by creating custom time-signatures and subdivisions, saving favorite beats to a playlist, connecting with up to 9 other devices (10 total), changing the color of the pulse emitted through the LED light, and more. But the apps are not necessarily required, as the band can be controlled independently, with the user altering the tempo by tapping on the “face” or twisting the surrounding ring.

In terms of customization, Soundbrenner offers 2 different-sized bands, enabling the device to be worn by both children and adults, as well as on different parts of the body.

Like a number of hardware startups, the team behind Soundbrenner first turned to crowdfunding. Earlier this year, they completed a successful campaign by taking in more than $223,000, or 205% of their initial funding target. A couple of weeks ago, the startup revealed that they have closed a deal valued at $500,000 with “several strategic investors” from Europe and Asia, which will enable the business to maintain offices in Berlin, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles, to fill out their management team, and to hire more engineers.

Soundbrenner initially aimed for late-November to begin shipping the device, but has revised that goal. They recently announced that they are hoping to ship to crowdfunding backers by the end of this year and to ship to customers in the United States, Europe, and Japan in early 2016.

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