Reshopper connects people looking to buy and sell used children’s items

reshopperOnce your child reaches a certain age, you are basically stuck with a bunch of products, clothes, and toys that you may no longer need. It is that crowd that is targeted by Danish startup Reshopper, which operates a marketplace for secondhand children’s items.

Reshopper’s concept is pretty simple, as they connect those interested in selling children-oriented items with those who looking to buy. The service allows users to check out items that neighbors are selling, filtering by price, brand, and other categories. In terms of a revenue model, a co-founder of the startup told me that they are “currently testing some revenue models in local markets”.

Reshopper prefers to keep information about their funding situation private, but announced a few weeks ago that they have completed a round that they intend to use to take their service abroad. They are keeping quiet about where they intend to expand, but revealed that they are planning to expand beyond Denmark into 2 new markets in early 2016.

One interesting aspect about this startup, which launched in 2012 and is closing in on 150,000 app downloads, is that it has served as a secondary source of income for the co-founders up to this point, but, with the new injection of funding, they will now be able to concentrate on the project full-time.

Despite having just raised funding, they are also already talking about bringing in more, revealing that they are in negotiations with investors to conclude 1-2 additional rounds within the next 6 months. That funding, once they have reached a deal (or two) for it, will be used to expand the team and ease the startup’s entry into further markets.

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