Customer-analytics startup CustomerGauge closes $2.5 million Series A

CustomerGaugeCustomerGauge, a Dutch startup which has developed customer-success software for businesses, has announced that they have closed a Series A round worth $2.5 million with Dutch investor Newion Investments leading the round. The startup, which counts “hundreds” of businesses, including H&R Block, Canon, BMW, Philips, and others as clients, says that it intends to put this new funding towards building out its engineering, sales, and marketing team, as well as supporting its expansion into the American market.

As the name of the startup indicates, CustomerGauge focuses on helping businesses to gauge the satisfaction of their customers with a platform that allows them to send out personalized surveys and to then have the data made available to all employees. If customers respond negatively, for example, the system sends notifications to the relevant personnel, while also allowing for businesses to assign cases to various staff. And then, CustomerGauge can also analyze the health of various accounts, based upon feedback, and determine which ones are struggling and which have potential.

CustomerGauge offers 3 packages, with the cheapest running for $97 per month, the “mid-level” version going for $997 per month, and the enterprise-level plan at $2,470 per month.

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