Deskbookers emerges as go-to service for booking a meeting room in The Netherlands

deskbookersStartups like WeWork and ShareDesk, which allow individuals or companies to rent workspaces or meetings rooms, may have entered the Dutch market, but neither has attracted local users like Deskbookers, which currently offers access to more than 10,000 spaces.

Deskbookers, which launched in 2013, resembles other P2P services in that it allows owners of various of types of offices and rooms to rent them out. I wanted to get a feel for it, so I did a search for Amsterdam and found that users are offered listings that can be broken down by basic filters, such as hourly (or sometimes daily) price, location, and capacity, but also by more than 2 dozen advanced filters (whiteboards, various screens, parking, types of chairs, etc.), in order to find the perfect spot for that important meeting. And I found the profiles for the listings to be particularly interesting, as many include information on nearby transportation options, food, and the presence of a reception desk. Clicking upon one of these profiles brings up a schedule of open time-slots, reviews, photos, and other general information about the space. They offer the possibility to book the space, of course, but there is also the option of adding various locations to a list of favorites or to ask the owners of the venue whatever questions you may have.

Like many marketplaces, Deskbookers has opted to operate on a commission basis, taking a small cut whenever a booking is processed. Co-founder Jeroen Arts says that the company has completed almost 100,000 bookings to date and that they are processing more than 7,000 bookings monthly.

Just last week, the startup revealed that they have pulled in $1.6 million in seed funding from a group that includes Berlin-based Point Nine Capital and a couple of angel investors. Deskbookers intends to take the new funding and use to support the company’s plans to expand into 5 new markets in 2016.

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