offers its take on the task-management service

someoneioIf you are running a business, there is a good chance that you are taking advantage of some service(s) to manage your employees and keep operations running smoothly. Nonetheless, Norwegian startup is hoping that businesses have an open mind towards trying another option in this sphere. is focused on simplicity, having created a platform that allows users to create tasks, assign various colors (depending upon the priority level) to them, and then set deadlines. And each user can see, in real-time, which tasks have been completed, are in progress, and are scheduled.

Their goal is to create a social platform, which why also enables users to comment on the tasks that get posted. To that end, they have also integrated the service with Slack.’s platform is currently available for free, but they are planning to unveil a paid package in December that will offer additional features for $5 per month. There are too many features to list here (the full list), but the free option supports 5 projects, the sharing of files, comments on tasks, and a free Chrome app, while the paid version offers all of that, as well as an archive of projects, weekly team reports, 24-hour support, and more. And if that is still insufficient, they offer a custom package for enterprise-level customers.

In order to fund the project, as well as receive validation for their concept and to market it, turned to a crowdfunding investment platform, offering just over 12.77% of shares in exchange for more than 129,000 Euro. And the campaign was a success, with 45 investors signing on to support the project.

The startup says that they intend to put the crowdfunded money towards rolling out a payment solution, integrating the service with Google for Work, and continuing to develop other new features.

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