Crowdit acts as a remote control for your big night out

crowditWhen it comes to planning your next night out with friends, there is really no shortage of apps and services that can help, but one platform that has taken off in popularity over the past few years is the one developed by Danish startup Crowdit.

The concept of the app is to provide users with a sort of “remote control” for their night out, allowing them to find local events, book a ride through Uber, access deals, access a “Routes” tool for those interested in bar-hopping, and share your discoveries (events, cool places, etc.) with friends. The service is not just geared towards individuals, as Crowdit offers businesses access to data on the success of their promotions. The app, available for iOS and Android, is free to end-users, as the startup has chosen instead to generate revenue by charging bars and restaurants that are looking to promote themselves through service, as well as charging drink brands interested partnerships.

Whereas many startups may have humble beginnings, Crowdit had important connections from the beginning, as the startup was launched in partnership with Danish brewing giant Carlsberg in 2012. It is partly through that partnership that Crowdit was able to reach 385,000 downloads (currently claiming 350,000 active users), as well as partner with thousands of venues, within 18 months of its launch.

Although Carlsberg spun Crowdit off as a stand-alone company, it remains a minority shareholder in the business. Crowdit has turned to a Chinese investment firm, called First Eastern Investment, for funding, recently closing a seed round worth $2 million. With this new backing, they are planning to go global, starting by expanding in Europe and then moving into markets like Shanghai, Tokyo, and New York. They are also planning to further develop their app by adding social gifting, mobile payments, and personalized recommendations.

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