Vallie removes the stress of finding a good parking space

Vallie-sir-parkalotWhile living in or simply visiting major cities, such as London, can be a pretty fun experience, finding a parking space is typically not something that people typically enjoy. British startup Vallie, which has just launched as a valet service for those who do not wish to deal with the stress of finding a good spot to leave your car.

Vallie operates by allowing people to set a “destination zone” anywhere within a certain area (currently only a section of central London) and to arrange for a valet from Vallie to meet you there. The attendant with then take the care and drive it to a special parking area, returning it when requested (within 20 minutes, they say). One of the nice aspects of the service, which costs 8 pounds per hour or 25 pounds per day to use, is that customers can continually track the status of the car through their smartphone (or their iPhone, to be specific, as it is currently only available for iOS). And, of course, leaving your car in the hands of someone else can be a scary proposition, which is why Vallie says that their parking areas are monitored by CCTV and protected by security walls, drivers are required to pass multiple interviews, driving tests, and background checks, and that the vehicle is insured for 100K pounds (damage) and 2 million pounds when the driver has it (10 million pound public liability).

While you may think of a valet service as involving just the pick-up and drop-off of your car, Vallie is planning to add an additional touch, harking back to the Victorian era by offering attendant services. In other words, they are planning to go beyond parking and washing your care by, say, providing fresh juice when you arrive or flowers for the trip home, and things of that nature.

Vallie only launched a few days ago, so they are reluctant to release information on how many users they have at the moment. The startup tells me that they closed a “friends and family” funding round in October, but, again, the figure is undisclosed.

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