Caremondo eases the process of taking a “medical tourism” trip

caremondoWhile minor health problems like the flu or an infection may require only a trip to the local physician, “medical tourism” is an avenue for those in need of care that requires a trip abroad. It is those people targeted by German startup Caremondo, which launched late last year in an attempt to help people in their quest to travel in search of their desired treatment.

Caremondo aims to cover the entire medical trip, first allowing users to search through various treatments and then compare hospitals and doctors. I found that clicking on a location (Istanbul, for example), brings up a list of hospitals. the profiles for which list all the procedures offered, information on the hospital (number of beds, medical and non-medical services, etc.), geographical information, reviews, and a list of physicians and their specialties. Through the profiles, users can click upon a particular procedure (or the hospital as a whole) in order to receive a free, non-binding quote. Having found what they are seeking, Caremondo then facilitates the process of actually traveling to the hospital by offering the flight, hotel, visa, and translation services, as well as assistance with all the relevant medical documents. If requested, the startup says that they will even go ahead and arrange the entire package.

In terms of revenue, co-founder Andreas Otto tells me that they charge marketing and coordination fees from clinics, as well as charge patients for visa, hotel, translation, etc. services.

Caremondo says that they completed a seed round with angels back in April, but now they have followed that up with a “seven-figure” round that includes participation from Holtzbrinck Ventures and other angels, which they intend to put towards expanding the company’s reach outside of Europe. The startup has connected with more than 50 healthcare facilities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, U.A.E., and Turkey, but they are thinking global, beginning with Thailand and Spain.

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