Your.MD looks to democratize healthcare with online platform that acts as personal medical assistant

yourMDFor better or worse, one of the first things that many of us will do when feeling a bit ill or think that we have a medical issue is to turn to the internet. It can be a valuable resource, but you may not end up finding a solution to your problem if you do not really know where to look. British startup Your.MD believes that they have a solution for the issue with a platform that aims to provide personalized medical information.

Your.MD is designed to supplement that trip to the doctor’s office by allowing people to type in their issue as if they were talking with a physician and then receiving a list of possibilities, based upon your age and gender. From there, the service asks users follow-up questions in order to hopefully narrow down the problem. The user is ultimately offered a list of options, clicking upon one of which offers an introduction (including a list of ages that are primarily affected) and information on causes and symptoms.

The startup assures me that their core symptom-checker will always be free, as they have instead opted to monetize the service through a premium marketplace. Once such premium service is Line, which allows Android users in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg to arrange for a phone call from a licensed medical professional with an hour in order to discuss a particular issue. That service is provided in partnership with Allianz Global Alliance and is available in English, Dutch, and French.

Unlike many other startups to enter the mobile sphere, Your.MD opted to first bring the service to Android, launching on that platform in May 2014 and then on iOS that September. They are actually planning to roll out a new version of the app in the coming weeks.

Your.MD has declined to reveal how many users they have, but a representative from the company did tell me that they have picked up $7.5 million in funding from a group of angels, as well as Smedvig Capital, with $5 million of that coming this past July.

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