Solid provides tool for getting people more engaged during meetings

solid-meeting-appMeetings are often not the most exciting aspect of the work day, but they are usually pretty critical in order to keep a business or organization running smoothly. French startup Solid is hoping to help people organize these meetings more effectively with a tool designed to keep people engaged and participating, even after the event has ended.

Solid has rolled out a platform that connects with Google Calendar and analyzes upcoming events, telling users whether the events are “solid” enough to go forward. For meetings that do get held, the app provides updates on the time remaining in the meeting and tells the user about unfinished items on the agenda, offering the option of recording actions, decisions, and open issues. Once the meeting is finished, each user is provided with a summary of the event, a list of personal upcoming tasks, and a survey, to provide organizers with feedback. In terms of compatibility, the startup states that Solid can integrate with Google services, Office 365, Evernote, and Slack, with Dropbox and Trello due to soon be added to that list. And they are a French startup, so it is not really surprising that they have developed versions of their website for both English and French-speaking users.

Solid has not yet revealed specifics regarding monetization yet, but a representative for the company tells me that they intend to keep a free option permanently available, while also eventually introducing premium features.

Solid, which entered private beta this January and public beta in mid-September, has declined to reveal how many users they have at this point, but they have already lined up a pretty impressive list of clients that includes Uber, Spotify, Salesforce, Deezer, Hootsuite, Zendesk, BlaBlaCar, UStream, and others. They are more comfortable talking about their funding, telling me that they have picked up $2 million from Alven Capital.

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