Monkey provides keyless smart-lock for those who live in an apartment or house with a gate

smart-monkeyThe concept of a “smart lock” for your door may not be particularly new, but not everyone lives in a place where they can simply alter their door. It is that crowd that a German startup is targeting with monkey, its version of the smart-security system.

The idea behind monkey is to provide a smart lock that can be used by those who live in apartments or in a home with a gate by providing an upgrade to the intercom. To that end, the startup has designed a chip that can be placed inside the intercom and connect to the building’s power system, removing the need for a battery. The device, which operates with a supplementary app (Android and iOS) is designed to use the home’s WiFi to allow for keyless entry, either through the proximity of the user’s smartphone, through remote access, or during a set time period. And it does not have to be the homeowner (or renter of the apartment), either, as the app allows you to provide or revoke access (full or partial) to others. A feature that I find appealing is that they are also working to create a dashboard that provides information, including instant notifications, whenever someone rings the buzzer or enters the property.

The monkey is expected to retail for 99 Euro, but is currently available to crowdfunding backers for 59 Euro. Although they have a working prototype, the company says that they are still working to refine their apps and that everything is expected to be ready by summer 2016.

Like numerous other hardware projects, the team behind monkey has turned to Kickstarter to fund it and has found success, pulling in more than $115K from 863 backers, far surpassing their goal of raising more than $56K, with another 17 days left to go. This is not the first project for LOCUMI LABS, as the Munich-based company began by selling parcel bags for apartment doors.

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