Hostmaker hauls in $2 million

hotsmakerAs property-owners (or even renters) have increasingly turned to Airbnb in order to raise a bit of extra income, it is perhaps unsurprising that companies like London-based Hostmaker have emerged to help those renters make their dwelling more appealing by offering concierge or housekeeping services. The startup, founded in 2013, has announced that they have picked up $2 million in seed funding in a round led by DN Capital and including participation by Avala Capital, DSG Consumer Partners, and a couple of angels.

As indicated, Hostmaker offers a variety of services, ranging from linen-rental to housekeeping (they state that their cleaning team is drawn from housekeepers who have worked in 5-star hotels) to check-in assistance, depending on the Airbnb host’s needs. For those interested in listing a property, but who do not want to manage it, Hostmaker even offers a full-scale management service that allows the startup to list it (including creating a profile for the property and setting the price), deal with inquiries, and or re-design the setup of the property. Hostmaker has opted to generate its revenue through a flat, pay-as-you-go fee.

Hostmaker first launched in London in July 2014 and then expanded into Barcelona and Rome this past April. To date, the startup reports that it serves about 5,000 guests monthly. This latest funding round will be used to allow the startup to expand into further European capitals, as well as continue to perfect the service, including taking steps to build its price-optimization tool.

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