MiniBrew speeds the beer-brewing process to 3.5 hours in the comfort of your own home

minibrewThe process of brewing beer at home sounds somewhat appealing, but also like it would a significant amount of time, energy, and space. You are probably better off just heading down to the store. But a Dutch team has created a device, called the MiniBrew, that it bills as being able to complete the process easily and in just 3.5 hours, allowing the brewer to go from start to finish in just about a week.

This team, which begin building the device in 2014, has worked up a system that allows people to complete the brewing, cooling, and fermentation in a single machine, which weighs 8kg and can sit on your kitchen counter. Like many household devices, it is “smart”, and allows brewers to access instructions, monitor their progress, or order new ingredients through a complementary app (available first on iOS and later Android and Windows). Each keg has room for 5 liters of the beverage, which can be accessed by manually attaching a tap to the top and then sharing with whomever.

In addition to providing the device, MiniBrew is hoping to create a global community of brewers. They list a host of options, from IPAs to Pilsners to Weizens and more, but brewers can also create their own and share their creations with others.

MiniBrew is running an Indiegogo campaign, but they have already picked up an undisclosed amount from an angel investor last November, which they used to take the concept from an idea to a working prototype. Now, they are seeking another $100,000 to complete the process and bring the device to market. They have currently raised $76,000 from 59 backers with 12 days to go, but will receive anything that backers donate, as a result of flexible funding. The startup also says that they have received interest from more than 1,700 people, who are looking to purchase the device once it goes on sale.

It is important to note that the cheapest of the devices available goes for $2,250 (but will retail for $1,850), so potential backers must be pretty serious about it. Delivery for the MiniBrew BETA is expected in January 2016, with production beginning in April 2016, but they are upfront about the possibility of delays as a result of issues with parts. The complementary app is free, but they also intend to open a shop to allow home-brewers to purchase ingredients.

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