Pure Waste Textiles is building environmentally-conscious clothing brand

PureWasteIt is refreshing to be able to write time to time about startups that are dedicated to a greater cause, such as helping to save the environment. And that is exactly what Finnish startup Pure Waste Textiles, founded in 2013, is attempting to do.

As the name suggests, Pure Waste Textiles launched with the goal of creating clothing material out of what would have been considered garbage. Their focus is on a pair of products, denim and yarn, 100% recycled and un-dyed material used to create clothing. Pure Waste has opted for a pretty simple clothing line, selling t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts that are designed for men and women and come in plain white (although they include some colored threads, so it is not completely boring), grey, or black. In keeping with their environmentally-conscious brand, each item includes a tag that indicates how much water was saved during the process of creating that product.

Prices for the materials varies depending on the product and quantity, but an example provided to me was a package of t-shirts, which can run for about 400 Euro (8 Euro per shirt and 50 shirts in the pack). For those who may be skeptical, the startup actually details the process of creating the yarn on their website, showing how they take thread waste and turn it into material suitable for use in a variety of fabrics.

Pure Waste operates in the B2B sphere and therefore measures traction in the number of companies to which they ship. In their case, they have signed up 250. Anders Bengs, a board member for Pure Waste, tells me that the company has 6 backers (Bengs, included), each of whom has put in around 500 Euro. At the moment, they are in the process of building their own factory in India, while continuing to focus R&D and production.

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