Prowly targets PR people with tool for managing campaigns

prowlyWhile some people may seem to be born to be entrepreneurs, others sort of stumble into it. The latter is likely more applicable to the team at Polish startup Prowly, which is targeting PR professionals with a service for managing their campaigns.

The platform created by Prowly serves different purposes, with one being a tool for creating “brand journals” or pages that allow users to post all of their video, photos, and other content in a tiled format. The idea here is to be able to quickly drag, drop, and shift content as necessary. To get an idea of how the brand journal works, you can check out an example page for Spotify (in Polish, naturally). Another function is to provide clients with a platform through which they can track the performance of their posts, create personalized email campaigns, and manage their contacts.

Prowly’s platform ranges in price from 89-565 Euro per month (or more, for companies who need it). Each of the packages offers users unlimited stories, but the main differences lie in the number of users per account, the number of social-media accounts, storage, control over the online domain, and the number of subscribers.

Like many startups, Prowly was born out of frustrations that the founders had in previous jobs. In this case, as recently as last year, they found themselves irritated with having to manage various Word and Outlook documents in their PR work, so they decided to build their own platform. They say that they quickly found that they were not alone in Poland with regards to these frustrations and received a solid amount of positive feedback, so they ultimately moved forward with the project.

At this point, Prowly claims more than 3,000 users, a group that includes the Polish branches of Spotify, National Geographic, and IKEA. Prowly has thus far been backed by $75,000, which they picked up from IQ Partners in Poland.

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