MEMRY provides fresh take on the online photo album

memryPosting photos and videos to Twitter or Instagram is fairly simple and straight-forward, but Swedish startup MEMRY believes that there is nonetheless room for a service that spices up the content that you post.

The basic concept behind MEMRY is that there are a number of channels through which people can share photos, but the startup has found that people are 180% more likely to click on albums than individual pictures. So, they decided to build a platform around albums, developing a tool that allows users to more easily organize the photos and videos in their stream. The service itself appears to be fairly simple to use, as users add content and title, and then are good to go. The albums then appear in a stand-alone stream or can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. Users of other social-media platforms may easily become acquainted with how it works, as the platforms incorporates elements from other services, including the ability to make albums public or private, add tags or comments, follow other users, etc. The app, free to use, is currently available only on iOS.

As the startup tells it, the inspiration behind the business came to co-founders Peter Jundin and Pelle Kjellqvist in 2013 while they were returning home from a music festival. Like many young people these days, they had taken many photos and wanted to share them with friends, but decided that they did not want to spam their followers on Instagram and had become disenchanted with Facebook, so they concluded that a new service was needed and MEMRY was born.

Jundin, the startup’s CEO, did not wish to disclose how many users they have, but did tell me that they are witnessing 50% daily growth. Part of that growth has come through partnerships with “MEMRY Heroes”, bloggers and other popular social-media users, who typically have an audience of hundreds of thousands of people.

In term of plans, MEMRY intends to release an app for Android this month and MEMRY photobooks in December (in collaboration with Elanders Group), but Jundin has also mentioned the possibility of partnerships with major telcos in Europe and Asia. Few details seem to be available on that front, but I suppose that we will hear more soon.

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