Teamtailor provides platform to manage the job-recruitment process

teamtailorEven though it may not official job title, it is not unusual for employees of a particular business to be asked to promote vacancies at the company. Such was the case at the office of Swedish startup Teamtailor, but when they asked employees to share job ads, they found that they employees were reluctant to do so because they did not like the look of the company’s job board, believing that it did not truly reflect the business’ great work environment. Recognizing that other companies may be suffering from the same issue, Teamtailor then set out to build a whole new platform.

Teamtailor has set their sights on simplifying the recruitment process with a platform that can be quickly setup, customized, and updated, as necessary, and allows companies to manage applications with a tool for searching through candidates based on status, rating, and tags, to create questions for applicants, target mobile users, and other features. The system is designed to be run by companies themselves, but also enables them to provide access to recruiters, if they need an outside boost. Finally, because it seems that you can never have too much data available, the platform provides information on which channels generate the most application and how much traffic the site receives, as well as the ability to create reports on recent activity. Teamtailor do not reveal their prices up front, but tells me that they operate on a subscription basis, with prices depending on the size of the client.

The startup, which launched in 2013, operates in the B2B sector, so they measure users in terms of companies using the platform. On that note, the startup tells me that they currently have 150 businesses using the service.

In terms of backing, Teamtailor has picked up just over $900K from a group of investors that includes Lifesum CEO Henrik Torstensson, Stardoll CEO Mattias Miksche, and others, money that they intend to put towards continuing to develop their product.

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