Mission Control opens up travel-focused concierge service to the masses

MissionControlAs easy as it has become to book a flight and make travel arrangements, there are likely people out there who lack the time for even that. It is that group who German startup Mission Control targets, hoping to bring a travel-focused concierge service to the masses.

Getting started with Mission Control, which is currently free, is simply a matter of texting “Hello” to the number listed on their website, and then sending a request. Mission Control is not merely a service for booking a flight, but is attempting to position itself as a comprehensive service for travel-related issues. Need a hotel recommendation (or to have them actually go ahead and book it for you)? Done. Want the rates for local taxi services? No problem. Need to find your lost luggage? They are on it. Mission Control tells me that the people who carry out these tasks are Certified Travel Professionals (CFP), ranging from former and current flight attendants to pilots to employees at travel agencies, available 24/7 and ostensibly able to cover any issue that customers may have.

With regards to revenue, Mission Control currently operates by taking affiliate fees, but they are planning to unveil premium features through a subscription service.

Mission Control launched in beta back in July and, although they declined to reveal exact how many users they have, the startup would tell me that the figure is growing at a rate of 30% week-over-week. Mission Control claims an undisclosed amount of funding from the Lufthansa Group, but assures me that they operate independently, booking the best possible hotel or carrier for customers, regardless of what it may be.

In terms of plans, Mission Control is looking to first validate that their concept has potential in today’s world and to then take it international.

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