Fishtrip emerges as portal for booking fishing trips in Denmark

fishtripI have never been big on fishing, but for those who are and are headed to Denmark in the near future, Fishtrip may be the place to book a trip. Backed by the Danish angling industry and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, this startup sprung up earlier this year as a portal through which would-be anglers can find and book a place to stay or some transportation, if you want to head out into deeper waters.

What immediately struck me about Fishtrip is that they have a well-organized and visually-appealing website. Getting started is a matter of either typing in your desired location or selecting a region of Denmark, which brings up a screen with information on the current temperature, the local geography, and the type of fish that you can catch, including a calendar that tells whether a particular fish is “high season”, “low season”, “out of season”, or “protected season” in a given month. Scrolling to the bottom of the page reveals a list of B&B, charters,  and boat-rental companies, through whom it is possible to book a trip. If there is one disappointing aspect, it is that parts of the English-language section are sometimes in Danish, but I suppose you could use Google Translate or email them for assistance. Like other marketplaces, Fishtrip operates on a commission-basis, taking a small fee based on the bookings that they process.

Fishtrip launched in April, but they are reluctant to go into too much detail regarding traction at the moment, with Co-founder Philip Randgaard telling me that they facilitated 100 bookings in the first month of operations and now partner with 50 outfitters. Randgaard likewise declined to reveal how much investment they have obtained, but would say that they count Just Eat founder Jesper Buch as a backers.

In terms of plans, Randgaard says that they are currently focused on establishing their business in Denmark, but plan to eventually expand to the rest of Scandinavia.

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